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Basics of Commercial Insurance for Small Businesses

You started your business with a beautiful idea about how to improve a particular service or deliver a new product to clients. You’ve worked hard to make this vision a reality. Now you need to protect your growing business with the right commercial insurance. Our agents at the Pacati Insurance Group work with small business owners in the Fairfax, VA area to get the financial protection they need. 

Commercial insurance policies are several policies bundled together. One of the most important is liability protection. This protects the company if someone is injured at a location, by-products, or services. Secondly, property insurance covers any structures that the business owns. It also includes a building’s contents such as computers, inventory, and materials. Workers’ compensation covers employees who are injured at work. These are the basic policies. Additional ones, such as commercial auto insurance or professional liability coverage, can be added if needed. Some businesses also invest in business continuity coverage, which protects if the company is temporarily unable to operate. It can help bridge any downtime. If the business is located in a high flood zone, flood insurance will need to be added. 

In the Fairfax, VA area, our agents at Pacati Insurance Group can help you decide the type of coverage your small business needs. We’ll spend the time getting to know you and your company so that we can recommend the best policies to protect your growing business financially. Our team works with a wide variety of business types. They have the experience you need to make smart choices. You’ve worked hard to build your business and keep it growing as you bring new ideas to the marketplace. Don’t let it all be put at risk. Protect it today. Call or come by for the options for your company’s needs!

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