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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle riders face numerous risks on highways. Motorcycle insurance from Pacati Insurance Group can help offset these risks by providing protection against accidents. If you ride a motorcycle, here's what you should know about motorcycle insurance.

Required Coverage

Motorcycle liability coverage is required to safeguard others in accidents you cause. If you're held liable for an accident that sends another driver or pedestrian to the hospital, liability insurance will help cover their medical costs. Liability also covers the cost of damage to their property. States set minimum limits on liability coverage. You should, however, purchase more than minimum coverage to protect your assets against serious accidents you may cause.

Optional Coverage

Collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorists are additional insurance options you can buy to cover repairs to your bike in an accident.

Collision insurance covers damage to your bike if you collide into another vehicle or a stationary object such as a tree, fence, telephone pole or wall. If you ride on wet or icy roads, there's a greater risk of collision accidents.

Comprehensive insurance compensates you for the market value of your motorcycle if it's stolen or destroyed by vandalism. It also covers damage caused by inclement weather, falling objects, and animal strikes.

Uninsured motorist insurance covers repair costs to your bike if you're hit by someone who isn't carrying sufficient insurance to meet these costs.

Customizing Your Motorcycle Coverage

You can customize your motorcycle insurance by selecting the coverage best suited to your lifestyle. A customized motorcycle policy will provide you with more accurate coverage. It can also help you save on motorcycle insurance costs. If you own an expensive motorcycle, it's to your advantage to obtain as much coverage as you can afford to avoid having to pay for repairs out-of-pocket.

For more information on motorcycle insurance or to obtain a motorcycle insurance policy, contact Pacati Insurance Group.

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